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New Episodes 2019

Hello Fellow Vibers!

I promise to produce and post new episodes very soon! Due to life's circumstances and financial constraints, I stopped making new podcasts about three years ago. Recently, I have been led to revive "Neosoul Rhythms." Considering what is happening in the world, we all need to "feel the vibe!" To that end, I have spent many hours building this purty new website. :) It is still under construction, but it looks pretty good.

You might have heard the podcast on Podomatic, or perhaps you remember me from radio, or maybe you found the Facebook page, or perhaps you stumbled across our new Instagram page. Regardless of the path, I am glad you have made it to this website. The podcast will feature indie neosoul artists, inspirational messages, a comedy break or two, and of course, host a real radio show...not a playlist. I am not Pandora! :)

Continue to check for updates. It takes a lot of soul energy and time to produce a 60 minute podcast, so bear with me. Make sure to cruise all the pages on this site to learn more about the vibe. Thanks for your patience and support!

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