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Love Offerings

We need your financial support to produce this podcast. Although it is free for you to download and enjoy, "Neosoul Rhythms" incurs monthly fees.


Our Expenses

  • Wix Website Hosting

  • Domain Site Connection/SEO

  • Podomatic Podcast Hosting

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Equipment/Supplies

"Doesn't Ashan have that to spare?" you might ask.


No, she does not. Ashan has always been an underemployed English teacher, just trying to make it from paycheck to paycheck.

So, we need for you to sow financial seeds into this awesome podcast!

"Well, I'm sure others are donating lots of money, because Ashan produces an awesome podcast," you might think.

No, they are not; that's why YOU need to open your heart and your pocketbook to support the vibe! :)

How You Can Support

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  1. PayPal Donation

  2. Cash App: $arh501