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neo soul music podcast


In 2003, NeoSoul Rhythms began on community radio KABF 88.3 FM in Little Rock, AR as "Pure Soul Grooves." It was the only neosoul radio show in the state, and one of few in the region on terrestrial radio. Thanks to program director extraordinaire, Mark 'Chillin' Dylan, and the good folks at Citadel Broadcasting,"Pure Soul Grooves" morphed into "Neosoul Rhythms" when the show moved to 102.1 FM KOKY in April 2005.


A casualty of mass radio budget cuts in 2009, Ashan launched a podcast and Live 365 internet radio station to keep the vibe alive...way before podcasting was popular. Unfortunately, Live365 went out of business in January 2016. However, the podcast continued to gain new followers on Facebook and Podomatic.

Due to a lack of financial support, Ashan discontinued the podcast about three years ago. (How time flies!) Although it was free to listeners, she had to pay for monthly fees for web hosting, podcast hosting and domain name services. However, in 2019, Spirit has moved Ashan to "revive the vibe"...with the understanding that finances will come, and people will fully support her hard work...(or she will quit again) lol!

Although her podcast has been often been imitated over the years, even down to her catch phrase, when Ashan says "feel the vibe," it means to allow the positive energy of the music to move through you in peaceful waves, uplifting your spirit, inspiring your creativity, until your soul melts into the most powerful essence of your core...still before God...grooving within the heavens of your mind...the vibe.


No matter when or how you listen to it, the original "NeoSoul Rhythms" will uplift you, inspire you, and let you get your groove on. Ashan's sultry voice and top notch music mix will keep you coming back for more! 

"Feel the Vibe..."

                                                             - A. Rachelle

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