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Soul Thoughts: Poems & Essays

Soul Thoughts is a poetry collection of musings on a variety of topics that touch the core of all humanity: fond childhood memories, social issues, religion, spirituality, love, dating and relationships. The collection is divided into three sections. The first section, titled Soul Thoughts, includes the thought or the author’s inspiration for writing each poem. The second section, “Dating, Mating, Infatuating,” offers no explanation for the lyrical exploration of the giddy highs and lows of romantic relationships.

In the third section of essays, "Single Soul Thoughts," Ashan reveals the most thoughtful, humorous aspects of her personable writing style as she narrates her experiences of being single at church, work and other social settings. Soul Thoughts: Poems & Essays resonates with the hearts and minds of readers who have dared to listen to their soul speak.

Support the vibe and download your copy today! Also, click the link below to read a preview of the first poem.

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