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grammar essentials class



This [Proofreading Power] was a great course. There is also a lot of great information that I poached for

my peer reviews in-house.


                                       --Marie Brown


Clear, easy to follow course.


"I liked the quizzes and lectures. The teacher was precise and clear in her instructions. Very enjoyable. I learned a lot."               --Helena Vicker



Beyond Basic Grammar


In "Grammar Essentials,"Professor Hampton taught you the basics of grammar. In "Beyond Basic Grammar," you get to apply what you learned: You begin to write. I recommend both classes.

                          --Dan Fredrick


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Loved this course...

* The course was very informative.

* The course contains a sufficient amount of exercises.

* Mrs. Hampton's smooth delivery makes it very easily to comprehend. The music is a plus. Love it!            

                           --Jerome Carrier

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